Aromatherapy is reputed to be at least 6000 years old and is believed to have been practiced by most of the world’s ancient civilizations. Early man lived closely with his surroundings and was in tune with nature. His sense of smell was highly acute and herbs and aromatics were commonly used in the preservation of food, as aids to digestion or to treat a variety of ailments. Since the late 1970 and early 80’s the use of essential oils and aromatherapy has become a major part of alternative and holistic health systems, and has a huge following across the world. The word “Aromatherapy” comes from two words *Aroma” meaning fragrance and “Therapy” meaning treatment. It is healing art based in nature and it effects the whole person mind, body and spirit . Aromatherapy uses pure Essential oils to balance the equilibrium and to improve mental and physical health. Many common ailments may be treated and prevented simply, safely and successfully.